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My Incontinence Journey

“This is My Story”

Episode 3 – “My Incontinence Journey”

Podcast category – Health and Fitness

Author – The Continence Foundation of Australia

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This episode looks at the male perspective on living with incontinence. Our guest is a man who wrote his story and sent it in to the Foundation. Ian was in his late 50s and began to experience urinary urgency, frequency and incontinence. Ian tells us about his journey which traverses many emotions and frustrations towards mastering his experiences and taking back control of his life.

Opinion Disclaimer: Please note that the views and opinions expressed in these podcast episodes are those of the guests. They do not represent or reflect the official policy or position of the Continence Foundation of Australia. The Foundation does not take responsibility for any ideas expressed during the podcast.


To set the scene, we asked Ian to read a section from his story which describes the impact of an overactive bladder on his life. See below:

“I'm forever on the alert; it's a continual stress. Life and work are constantly distracted and compromised. There are too many conversations that I have dropped out of, suddenly, without explanation. There are too many meetings that do not have my full attention. Reading a book is punctuated not by chapters, but by toilet breaks. I wear dark trousers to camouflage leakage and am certain to carry something, a paper or a jumper, that can casually hide my front. Shopping is a planned exercise with public toilets identified. I do not join excursions for fear of complete embarrassment. And driving a car is risky business. On long trips, I take a change of clothes.”


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