Wednesday Jun 14, 2023

Christin’s Story - Incontinence isn’t just a senior’s problem

“This is My Story”

Episode 1 – “Managing incontinence as a young person”

Podcast category – Health and Fitness

Author – The Continence Foundation of Australia

Podcast Type: Episodic


One of the common misconceptions about incontinence is that it is mainly associated with older age, but today’s guest is here to tell you it can happen to young people too. The first guest in this podcast series is Christin Young who wants to draw on her own lived experience with incontinence to support and help other young people who may be having a similar experience.

Disclaimer: Please note that the views and opinions expressed in these podcast episodes are those of the guests. They do not represent or reflect the official policy or position of the Continence Foundation of Australia. The Foundation does not take responsibility for any ideas expressed during the podcast. This podcast also contains medical and anatomical terminology.


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